Key Features

Document Mgmt

​Efficiently manage incoming documents by scanning or uploading them, and seamlessly attach attributes such as date and time, sender's details, and relevant process information. Provide comments as needed and effortlessly share the document with your colleague. Easily retrieve any document by conducting searches based on its attributes.


​Generate quotes effortlessly with a few simple clicks, accompanied by fully flexible notes that are easily formattable. Duplicate previous quotes for quick reference, print or digitally sign them, and seamlessly email the finalized quotes. Enjoy a fully adaptable search functionality to quickly retrieve the information you need.


​Generate invoices effortlessly from quotes or directly, with just a few clicks, utilizing fully flexible notes that are easily formatted. Duplicate previous invoices for reference, and choose to print, digitally sign, or email them. Streamline the payment follow-up process and utilize a fully adaptable search function for formatting purposes.


​A centralized hub for all contracts with suppliers or customers. Easily scan and include essential attributes such as agreed-upon items and quantities, expiry dates, contact persons, and more.

Tasks/Service Desk

​Create and assign tasks or tickets to employees, yourself, or transfer them as needed. Each task or ticket includes essential attributes for efficient tracking, including dates, priority, completion status, and more. Additionally, you can attach relevant documents, and a straightforward search functionality allows for easy reporting based on all attributes.


​Employee information, including personal data, leave records (annual/sick/study, etc.), education details, and other employment-related data. This comprehensive system can be leveraged to monitor and assess employee performance through a dashboard based on their activities.


​Initiate meeting reservations, secure meeting rooms, and reserve organizational resources such as cars. Configure the system either on a first-come-first-served basis or enable a designated user to take charge of a specific resource, managing requests efficiently.


​Submit documents to a digital archive, store them, perform searches, retrieve them from the archive, and send them back to employees as needed.


​Tailor the software to align with your organization's needs. Establish the organizational structure, define employees, set user rights, and configure business processes in compliance with ISO standards.